Wednesday, October 5, 2011

(Crossposted from Google+) The one thing that is being overshadowed is the iPhone 4S at this time. I wanted to bring up one point, but timing being what it is...

Remember, the first-gen iPhone (the EDGE-only) was a "we've tested it as much as we can, AT&T needs to get it's act together" phone in retrospect.

The iPhone 3G was properly modern and innovative, because of it's newer HSDPA tech.

The 3GS was a revbump, faster processor and more RAM.

The 4 came out, and it was tons of new, innovative features.

The 4S came out this week. It's a revbump, faster multicore processor, 1080p video, nothing to write home about.

That sounds like a pattern! So what does that tell you about the 5? Well, there's already some signs:

LTE By the time the 5 comes out, AT&T will have much more coverage in it's LTE network, and Sprint will have some as well. The power issues with current chips will be solved.

FaceTime HD With extra bandwidth comes extra usage, and the front facing camera goes 720p.

More/Different storage 8 gig will go like the 4 gig did early in the iPhone's life. 16 gig will be on the chopping block as well. The line will go 32/64/128. While iCloud will mitigate this, mobile providers will cringe and push back; storage is still king.

Not only that, there may be different storage technology like memristor RAM that turns the key, goes mass production... and Apple sees it as the best thing for battery life since sliced bread.

Those are the three big key things I can see.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Changes... and postings...

It's been a while, hasn't it. Events have conspired against me, and all I can do is blame the economy, and adapt to it.

So, this blog is changing.  Second Penguins is closing out of the Metaverse Messenger, but my writings will come here.  Since I'm more covering actual tech, the name needs to change to something more appropriate.

RedWolf on Tech it is.

Many things have happened since my last article in the Metaverse Messenger.  I have a lot of writing to do.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Linux 2.6.29 is out. Looks like Wifi AP service is finally in. Will go for a .1 release in a few weeks.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A day with Twitter Vote Report.

Being home from the day today, I thought I'd try out Twitter Vote Report. What you do is tweet with "#votereport" after you vote to see how good or bad things are at the polls. One of the volunteers actually is a Maryland resident, the founder of Toad.Net and Toad Computing (a Atari ST computer store -- bought a replacement mouse there).

So? A small quirk later, my butt is now planted on Freenode IRC's #votereport channel, watching as said volunteers handle Slashdot-effect sized load. They get it stable and they get it working well. I throw in my minor bug report (audio needs a plugin for Linux which doesn't exist), and sit back incase they need a Linux client tester.

Of course, there's some problems with voting machines. CNN and NPR (who's using TVR's feeds) is reporting that.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

30 day delay, but how about some carnage while you wait?

Folks, stop partying. Just, stop.

Jack Thompson's not disbarred yet. The court order landed Sept 25th, and he's to close up shop by Oct 25th when the disbarment takes effect. He's got an appeal available, and he's taking it to the federal courts.

Meanwhile, I hear some mergers are cutting up the gaming arena. With Vivendi snatching up Activision and Blizzard, you'd think that alot more games will come out. Unfortunately, three made the cut:

Crash Bandicoot: Mind over Mutant
The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon

Out of those three, I think only one is a PC running game -- PROTOTYPE.

Everyone else? Left for dead. Here's a short list from Gameplayer Austrailia:

World in Conflict (Massive Entertainment and Swordfish Studios)
50 Cent: Blood on the Sand (Swordfish Studios)
Bourne Conspiracy (High Moon Studios)
Sierra Online and all Sierra games

Monday, September 1, 2008

Google Chrome

So Google is jumping into the open source browser biz with Google Chrome. What's so different with that compared to Firefox and Safari?

Instead of following Google's comic done by Scott McCloud (at since the regular site's being Slashdotted), let me try to tell you about it this way.

Remember back in Netscape 4.x that you didn't have tabs. You had a ton of windows. IE up to 6 has this too (7 introduced tabs, as did Netscape 6). What a mess! Tabs helped, but it was still controlled by one instance of a program.

Now, instead of one instance with multiple tabs, make every window be a seperate instance of that program, and swallow all the instances into the main window. Each instance is accessed by tabs. Popups are swallowed and put on the bottom of the tab until you ask them to. Close a tab, close the instance. Memory is handled by the OS, not by the browser, so slowness is a fault of the OS or an external program not handling it's memory. Security gets enhanced because no site can futz with another site -- infact, the instance is reset when one domain is swapped out for another.

Intresting, no?

Check the comic out. I just hope they make the omnibar optional.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Lost 2P: Mmmmm Tofu....

I was going through my files, getting them organized and cleaned out... when I found that I was really five down on published articles. But I had five written ones that I did submit, but wasn't published.

Let's publish them now. This one dates back to when Tofu Linden took up the helm for Linux client development.

Second Penguins: Mmmmm... Tofu...

As in the case of news, when something changes or breaks, you have to interrupt to bring it to the masses. Sometimes it's just a local police involved car chase. Other times it's a shooting near the White House. Or a plane hijacking near the US border. And then you have September 11th, which is comming in a week, but most everyone knows the events by heart now.

Two weeks ago, I wrote about my creation of the Second Life Linux Live CD. It's purpose was to show the world (and a few Lindens) what the Linux client was like. In itself, it removed one escuse from anyone with a Nvidia card. After uploading it to, I pointed Torley and Karen Linden to it.

The results? I can only summarize what SL's favorite watermelinden said. Torley's posted in her blog (at about taking the train ride to Linux via the CD. She's got it working fairly easily on her old Pentium 4 (there's a few bugs on her dual-Opteron rig), logged in... and got to see the problems first hand. She had alot of feedback about the client, which prompted Don Linden to bring another Linux developer on hand. Initially it was Icculus Linden who did the client. Now, Tofu Linden is developing the client, porting everything over and fixing long standing bugs.

Those bugs were big ones. Audio not playing? We can hear you now. The mouse pointer switching shapes depending on where it was? Got 'em now. Crashing durring emailing postcards? Fixed. Minimizing not working right? Fixed. Gamma settings keep screwing up? Fixed too. Affinity for the Mac client? Some sexy girl penguins later and he's back to chasing 'em. Cut and Paste? In version 1.12.1 which should be out by the time you read this. Spamming the system's main logs? Cut down to a trickle in 1.12.1. Can't resize or full-screen windows? Fixed, although full-screening on my odd-ball dual-head setup doesn't let me move the mouse over to the other monitor.

Of course, with new releases you get new bugs, and this one's a biggie: half the libraries that did get shipped with the old 1.12.0(14) client... don't ship now. This wouldn't be a problem, but as I've told before, Linux has as many versions between it's different distributions as beer has varieties and brand labels. What may be built for one distro doesn't work for another. To work around this, you need to find the old client, as well as the new 1.12.0-r51742 client -- it's numbered differently than from the origional clients, for Don said they're going to use the internal release numbers for the Linux clients. Unarchive them, and in the 1.12.0(14) client's “lib” directory, find these files:

Copy them over to the -r51742 client's “lib” directory. Switch to the destination directory again, because you need to “alias” or “simbolic link” or “simlink” some of the files with these commands:

ln -s
ln -s
ln -s libssl.0.9.8
ln -s
ln -s

There, that'll allow you to run the new client... and what a gorgeous thing! It's almost perfect. All we need now past 1.12.1... is shiny prims. Everyone likes their shinies.

Now wasn't that a refreshing pace of news? I thought so, although we still have one thing to cover – installing Kubunto on a PC. We're getting there. I just have to buy some new CD blanks, because I'm out. SL Linux Live CD. You understand, don't you?

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

No iPhone post this time around.

Fortunately, there's enough news that pushes it right out. So...

Gentoo 2008.0 is out, with an installer.
Hans Reiser leads police to his wife's body.
Jack Thompson faces permanent disbarment.
Texan computer techs need private investigator license to work?

Excuse me, I need to renew my Information Superhighway Drivers License...

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Nightmares ending...

I'm not horsing around here. Three major headaches will be over.Politically, the electorial math is on Obama's side with the elections. If the reports come in accurately, he'll cross the finish line fair and square in two weeks. (Of course, the migrane that is Bush will end next year)With Linux, the trial of SCO v Novell turned Novell v. SCO has rapped up, and it's looking more and more like SCO has to face liquidation soon so Novell can get paid.But more importantly for everyone, Jack Thompson's about to be disbarred. The overseeing judge in his case has drained the swamp of Jack's filings and come up with the report that he's guilty of 27 out of 31 charges. It's up to the Florida Supreme Court to decide his fate now,

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Great. Hans Reiser (ReiserFS fame) got himself convicted of murder.

So the father of the Reiser file system (v3 which is in use in Linux, v4 was in development) was convicted on circumstancal evidence... and how badly Hans performed on the stand.

Google News will have the coverage from Wired, Ars Technica, and some discussion Slashdot.
I mentioned this on my personal LiveJournal (, and got some input already.

I'm kinda mixed on this.