Sunday, August 24, 2008

Lost 2P: Mmmmm Tofu....

I was going through my files, getting them organized and cleaned out... when I found that I was really five down on published articles. But I had five written ones that I did submit, but wasn't published.

Let's publish them now. This one dates back to when Tofu Linden took up the helm for Linux client development.

Second Penguins: Mmmmm... Tofu...

As in the case of news, when something changes or breaks, you have to interrupt to bring it to the masses. Sometimes it's just a local police involved car chase. Other times it's a shooting near the White House. Or a plane hijacking near the US border. And then you have September 11th, which is comming in a week, but most everyone knows the events by heart now.

Two weeks ago, I wrote about my creation of the Second Life Linux Live CD. It's purpose was to show the world (and a few Lindens) what the Linux client was like. In itself, it removed one escuse from anyone with a Nvidia card. After uploading it to, I pointed Torley and Karen Linden to it.

The results? I can only summarize what SL's favorite watermelinden said. Torley's posted in her blog (at about taking the train ride to Linux via the CD. She's got it working fairly easily on her old Pentium 4 (there's a few bugs on her dual-Opteron rig), logged in... and got to see the problems first hand. She had alot of feedback about the client, which prompted Don Linden to bring another Linux developer on hand. Initially it was Icculus Linden who did the client. Now, Tofu Linden is developing the client, porting everything over and fixing long standing bugs.

Those bugs were big ones. Audio not playing? We can hear you now. The mouse pointer switching shapes depending on where it was? Got 'em now. Crashing durring emailing postcards? Fixed. Minimizing not working right? Fixed. Gamma settings keep screwing up? Fixed too. Affinity for the Mac client? Some sexy girl penguins later and he's back to chasing 'em. Cut and Paste? In version 1.12.1 which should be out by the time you read this. Spamming the system's main logs? Cut down to a trickle in 1.12.1. Can't resize or full-screen windows? Fixed, although full-screening on my odd-ball dual-head setup doesn't let me move the mouse over to the other monitor.

Of course, with new releases you get new bugs, and this one's a biggie: half the libraries that did get shipped with the old 1.12.0(14) client... don't ship now. This wouldn't be a problem, but as I've told before, Linux has as many versions between it's different distributions as beer has varieties and brand labels. What may be built for one distro doesn't work for another. To work around this, you need to find the old client, as well as the new 1.12.0-r51742 client -- it's numbered differently than from the origional clients, for Don said they're going to use the internal release numbers for the Linux clients. Unarchive them, and in the 1.12.0(14) client's “lib” directory, find these files:

Copy them over to the -r51742 client's “lib” directory. Switch to the destination directory again, because you need to “alias” or “simbolic link” or “simlink” some of the files with these commands:

ln -s
ln -s
ln -s libssl.0.9.8
ln -s
ln -s

There, that'll allow you to run the new client... and what a gorgeous thing! It's almost perfect. All we need now past 1.12.1... is shiny prims. Everyone likes their shinies.

Now wasn't that a refreshing pace of news? I thought so, although we still have one thing to cover – installing Kubunto on a PC. We're getting there. I just have to buy some new CD blanks, because I'm out. SL Linux Live CD. You understand, don't you?

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