Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A day with Twitter Vote Report.

Being home from the day today, I thought I'd try out Twitter Vote Report. What you do is tweet with "#votereport" after you vote to see how good or bad things are at the polls. One of the volunteers actually is a Maryland resident, the founder of Toad.Net and Toad Computing (a Atari ST computer store -- bought a replacement mouse there).

So? A small quirk later, my butt is now planted on Freenode IRC's #votereport channel, watching as said volunteers handle Slashdot-effect sized load. They get it stable and they get it working well. I throw in my minor bug report (audio needs a plugin for Linux which doesn't exist), and sit back incase they need a Linux client tester.

Of course, there's some problems with voting machines. CNN and NPR (who's using TVR's feeds) is reporting that.

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Riyan Fiter's Blog said...

I think, that good idea...
i will try.. Thanks!
^_^ v